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Toritos of Pucará

The bulls bring happiness, protection and fertility to all those who live in their homes, in addition, it is considered a symbol of Andean identity, that is why many families have them at the top of their homes, either on their roofs or as ornaments in the houses, to watch over the homes, bless marriages and protect the family.

Torito de Pucara: symbol of the Peruvian handicrafts

One of the emblematic pieces of our Peruvian handicrafts is the Torito de Pucara, although although they are not manufactured there, it would be correct to recognize the province of Pupuja, district of Azángaro, Puno, as the point of creation. The acquisition of the name by which they are now known is due to the fact that in those times the Pucará railway station became the ideal place for the commercialization of their products, and it was in this way that the denomination of origin was adopted in the particular case of the toro. This “torito” has a fascinating history that few know, this ceramic is one of the most famous abroad, because tourists who visit Peru always take some pieces in their suitcase as a gift or decoration.

A long time ago, in Pucara there was an intense drought, there was no sign of water in the rivers and the wells were drying up. One day a farmer from Pucara came up with the idea of making an offering to the god Pacha Kamaq, the creator of the earth. He decided to sacrifice a black bull, he had to sacrifice it on the top of the rock of Pucara if he wanted to be heard by the god Pachacámac to make his request for water. The black bull knew that something bad was going to happen to him, so he had to pull him up. After so much effort the farmer managed to climb to the top, and there the bull had an uncontrollable desire to rub himself on the rock, after that he accidentally drove his horn into a rock. Magically, a lot of water began to flow, so much that it was enough to supply the entire population. The people, amazed by such a miracle, admired the bull more than the farmer, of whom not much is known. From that day on, the bull became a sacred element for the Peruvian culture. This led to the creation of these bulls for the artisans of Pucara. It was a worthy beginning for ceremonies and to establish the belief that it brings protection when placed on the roofs of the houses.

From the terraces of the Cusco houses you can appreciate a lot of roofs of our city, stop for a moment to look for the little bulls on top of the roofs, you will see that there are many, and all of them are different!


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